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I took on a bounty for a decentralised dispute resolution layer based on Ethereum. The task was to run a first time user through the staking process. A user must stake their tokens in a court (or courts) to be selected for a jury.

As 'staking' is not an overly common concept for most end users, my approach was to take the first time staking process and combine it with onboarding and educational components. My process involved:


  • Dissecting the technical documentation provided by Kleros to pick out the key interactions and cryptoeconomic processes.

  • Testing their current MVP to see how their current flow worked

  • Researching existing ERC20 staking protocols

  • Creating user journeys and transitioning those into wireframes

  • Designing a dashboard that shows key information regarding a user's token holdings and court allocations

  • Creating a hybrid onboarding and staking process that could be reused for general court management should the user want to readjust their positions.

Check out the InVision prototype